I consider wondercafe my second church.

It is described as “the home of open-minded discussion and exploration of spiritual topics, moral issues and life’s big questions.”

If you haven’t been, it is worth a visit.
As an example of the coverage, let me present some of the dialogues occuring today

Parenting: Allowance, Different Gender Approaches in Parenting, Teen Mom in need of Help
Popular Culture: The Movie Doubt , and “Michael Jackson is dead and I’m still crying”
Health & Aging: Anxiety, Au Natural (hilarious), Vasectomy vs Tubal Ligation
Relationships: What is Marriage to You, Need Spiritual Support, Down in the Dumps
Politics: who (or what party) was behind social reform
Religion & Faith: Would Jesus carry a blackberry?, The dangers of preaching hate, Gay Born Aain Christian

Late at night or early in the morning, there is generally someone who can respond to a query for support, for advice, or just to listen.

There are folks who have experienced tragedies in their life and offer their wisdom, and those in the midst of same, who reach out to it.
There are thoses who are excluded from church due to something which is their basic essence who come in angry…and walk away realizing not everyone feels that way…and they are welcome.
There are brilliant people who have amazing insights to problems, and those who are cleverly witty, and of course, the debaters.

You will definitely read of wondercafe in my blogs. It is a part of my community. I am thankful the United Church of Canada went out on a limb, and created this awesome site.

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