Presbytery and Conference

I am a lay representative to Waterloo Presbytery.  Lay means that I am your basic church member. I am not someone who is an Ordained, Diaconal or Designated Lay Minister.  My theology is that everyone has a role as a “small m” ministers; however, for the point of my blogs, when referring to Ministers, I mean those who do it for their living and have been named as such via Presbytery.

As of June 2009, I am also the chair of Presbetery’s Christian Development committee. (Note: there will be a humorous blog on this one at some point, to explain how I became the chair of a non-existent committee)

Waterloo Presbytery is a court of the United Church of Canada which closely supports the congregations in our area.
Dedicated lay volunteers (ahem -me?) are elected by our congregations to be members of Presbytery. In addition, all Ministry personnel are automatically members.

The Presbytery is a part of Hamilton Conference. (Confused yet?)  The conference is comprised of multiple presbyteries.

Each have their own areas of jurisdiction, though, the lines have been blurred over time.  This jurisdiction is covered in “The Manual” and additional policies and procedures.

What does that all mean, though? Once a month, I hang out with folks who work through pastoral relationship issues. These can be related to the actual actions of hiring, retiring, dying and conflict with the various forms of ministry and congregations or policies re the same. It can be related to opening, closing or working with conflict with congregations or policies re the same.

Presbytery meetings provide an opportunity for passionate folks to network on emergent social justice issues such as refugees, water extraction, climate change, mining, Oil Sands, aboriginal rights to land.

Believe it or not — Presbytery should be fun and invigorating. 

My primary interest is to improve the interaction between passionate folks in our communities. Whether it be hosting a learning session, or providing an opportunity to gather , presbytery can provide the conduit for people to work together.

I hope to also provide assistance with process mapping and tuning to reduce the amount of queries and stresses related to common presbytery activites.

Want to join me?

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