Our church: Wesley United, Cambridge

Wesley is a diverse, daring Christian community: spiritually searching, seeking transformation in God, sharing our love for each other and the stranger in our midst, and doing justice in God’s World.

We are an Affirming congregation for GLBT which means that we not only welcome those who are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgendered….we affirm their place at the table and stand with them in justice issues.

As a church in the heart of the community, we offer our space to multiple organizations, including, but not limited to: English as a Second Language Nursery School, New Hope meetings (AA/NA), Torchlight (Transgender support group), local choruses, social planning council, Out of the Cold /Bridges. In addition, we have a regular Saturday morning cafe on the market, which has become a community base for many folks from multiple areas of our city.

Of course, we worship, and we do so in a very diverse congregation with members all over the map in their understanding of the Bible, mission, Jesus, evangelism, fundamentalism, welcoming, politics in the church, prayer, and God. Due to this diversity, we cannot presume much and we have had to learn to dialogue. We find common ground…sometimes we fail. It is a fascinating, lively place to be…which has offered me an opportunity to find a home.

My partner and I have attended Wesley since 1988, and the church has been an important part of our and our families life. Through the support of Wesley we have made it through tough times, and also times of great joy.

Currently, I am on the Christian Development committee  and a Presbytery rep.
Life is good, as I have great folks who work with me and are amazing at doing a bunch of stuff and having fun at the same time.

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