Come, meander with me

Our culture values classroom learning, with true education beginning in school systems. Children are subjected to new curriculum, parents worry about grades, and hope for scholarships to those hallowed halls of university.  There, the youth are taught by scholars who were developed, molded in the same protocol.

When we stopped sitting in classes, it is stated that our formal education stopped.  All non-classroom education is implied as being worth  less. Yes, we learn lifeskills.  We attend mandatory workplace training programs designed to get us to swallow the latest corporate directive. Some people read scholarly digests or watch Discovery channel; hoping to keep that learning alive. To be seen as growing, one must return for the Masters or Doctorate.

Yet, something has shifted in our culture.

The rate of development of new knowledge has redefined our needs

If you are reading this blog, then you have experienced extensive education in the last decade through non-formal manners. You learned new technologies,  expanded your understanding of the world, and helped in that expansion through sharing your own wisdom..  Some of you are consumers of others developments, as am I, yet in some area, you too have likely added to that body of knowledge.  For that, I thank-you.

 On these pages, I will explore

Ø  Connectivism and Connective Knowledge
Ø  My learnings from wondercafe
Ø  Knowledge that I can share, that I have experience in, if not yet wisdom.

 May some of these musings be of use to you.


1 Response to Come, meander with me

  1. Hi Pinga,

    Yes, something has indeed shifted in our culture! I, who graduated with a Grade 8 eduation from a one-room village school in Bavaria, am saying things on wondercafe that are of interest to people whose impressive credentials leave me in total awe.

    Could there be a type of learning that is beyond scholarly learning?

    Although I am smarter than all of these,
    Doctors, writers, magisters, and priests,
    I’m not yet wise, and this why
    I sold to magic my immortal I.

    -Dr. Faust, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    Hey, that’s not me–I’m just Hermann, a.k.a. Arminius, from wondercafe.

    Love your site!

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