Why PingaDohtor

Pingadohtor was my main in WorldofWarcraft, and is a Troll shaman.

The name is comprised of two elements

Pinga is from Inuit mythology, Pinga (“the one who is up on high”) was a goddess of the hunt, fertility and medicine. She was also the psychopomp, bringing souls of the newly-dead to Adlivun, the underworld.

Dohtor — old english for daughter. My ancestry is United Kingdom, and I am old for a WoW player..and i am female, hence, dohtor seemed to fit.

From wowwiki:

Shamans are spiritual visionaries of tribes and clans. These gifted healers can see into the world of spirits and communicate with creatures invisible to eyes of normal beings. They are beset by visions of the future and use their sight to guide their people through troubled times. Although the shaman may seem wise and serene at first glance, he is a formidable foe; and when angered, his wrath is as fierce as those who have a connection to Eternals or nature

Given the role of the shaman, and who I am, the name seemed to fit.  Tech’s have the habit of calling me “ping”, after the command used to determine if something is reachable, such as ping <servername>.  I tend to shorten it to Pinga.

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