Who am I?

Family stuff: Married, two boys. I cannot adequately describe how important they are to me

Paid stuff: I’m a tech. i work with mega-techs and unless you happen to like ERP systems architecture or discussion on privileged access security, well, any descriptions will bore you to tears.  (Though, you may find the politics and human dynamics of multinational corps interesting)

Faith journey:  Sent off to Anglican church choir in youth, questioning pre-teen, atheist teen, agnostic 25ish, hesitant 30 something at United Church, led to varying degrees of seeking, questioning, believing, comprehension, accepting, frustration, and trying to live in faith.  the only thing I am sure of is that I am still learning

Volunteer stuff: Generally active in work regarding social justice or education / learning around social justice.  Active in church, women’s community and online communities

(And I write too long of responses so just cut a bunch.. 😉

3 Responses to Who am I?

  1. CrazyHeart - WonderCafe says:

    Hi Pinga. Someone on Wondercafe said that they didn’t like the phrase “faith journey”. I have to disagree. I think we are all are on a faith journey. Some are behind and some are ahead but we are all on the same path. This path veers off in many side directions but then back we come to the main path. This advice was given to me many years ago by a mentor in the United Church – Have patience; have respect – different places on the journey doen’t mean one is right and one is wrong – just different.- just in different places at the same time.

    Congratulation on your new site

  2. Yes, CrazyHeart, we are all on a faith journey. Some of us think we are ahead of others, until we discover that there are others ahead of us. But there is no competion.

  3. Faith journeys have a lot of names in different languages and different cultures. They are still all faith journeys – very personal, and not so personal. Thank you for sharing – great blog btw

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