Two PRs, witnessing creativity & the school crowd returns

Watched dedication this morning, as M came in with a walking cast.  Turned out he had broken his foot on Sunday, and was at CrossFit on Tuesday.  He’s a physiotherapist, he knows his body, and it was good to see how he adjusted work and challenged himself.  CrossFit is adaptable and great to see someone using their creativity.

It was also good to have the teachers and students back to the 6am wod.  Nice to have the box be big enough to handle us all.  So much fun and support from this group.

My previous PR for front squat was 65 pounds.  I knew it was out of whack, but, how much was it out? Turned out a lot.

Did 115 pound PR for front squat this morning as part of 5of3. Definitely the one round max will be higher. Thanks to Coach Carmen for the tip on approaching the bar.  I was adjusting after it was off.  Made a huge different to the wrists and allowed me to go straight into the squat.

The WOD involved 20 front squats, so I took it down to 85 pounds, not thinking my previous snatch was 65 pounds.  Hmm, would I be able to get it up to my shoulders. Hit it without issue, and used 85 pounds for the front squats.  Given that I did them in reps of 5, I did the snatch 4x.  Should be easy to get the number higher.

Front squat 

3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 


For time:

20 Front squat  (185/135) 

30 Box jum (30/24) — dang, I can’t jump…but did 30 at 8″

40 Kettlebell swings (1.5/1) 

50 Thruster (45/35)  — used the 35 pound bar, was wiped by the end.

No brain, and forgot to record time, but, it had to be 20min or more.

That’s ok, another day of CrossFit..and I may not be fast, but, I’m like the tortoise, eventually I get there.

Thanking Michael for some awesome bacon, and the fresh eggs for breakfast. Now time to get moving on my day

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