Furniture moving, burpees and coffee: August series of changes

The following is a summary of changes noticed this month, as a result of having done CrossFit since January 8, 2013.


  • A secondary fitness item is part of a schedule now as AquaFit is in weekly schedule.  Feels good to be in the water & stretch.
  • Moved the furniture in my house: piano, heavy mahogany (old) buffet, china cabinet, on my own.
  • Found a great new coffee place — awesome coffee — means no milk — Paleo! Thanks Monigram Coffee Roasters


  •  I am more nimble, such as when moving around when in a “squat”, “perching’
  • Burpees are using a little  jump as compared to just struggling to get off the ground
  • Situps are now firing more like a situp, ie abs, arms, hips
  • Did my first team WOD by participating in a “bring a friend” session.
  • Did my first double under — only did one, but it is a start
  • You can see my   strength progression in this link, and my Named Wod’s here:


  • 3X in Jan.    Wore a size 14 blouse from Laura’s this month, but most are 1x or 16.
  • 26w in Jan.  Wearing size 16 or 18 pants.
  • I have knees.  (Those of you who are big will understand this)
  • Resting heart rate down from 82 in Jan to 62 in Aug– based on this chart, I went from below average to good
  • Blood pressure was sitting at 144/72 after minor surgery.  Not bad considering how big that I still am
  • Measurements: Jan to July to Aug:  Left Arm 15.5 =>13.5 ->, Bust ? now ? ->, Chest 44.5 =>41.5-> , Waist 53 =>44->, Butt 50.5 =>47->, Thigh 28.5 =>25.5->  *** note original measurements were done poorly.  Will be interesting to see the progression.
  • Weight went from 268 in Jan to 225 in Aug.


  • Went & had my ears re-pierced . Face is slimmer & earrings look better.
  • Was able to have colonoscopy at clinic which means not “high risk”.  It was also clear.
  • Had a bad eating week, but even with it, was able to bring myself back into line.
  • Shopping at  second hand store for  smaller sizes so that I can  shrink without spending a fortune on clothes. Important to have clothes that fit.
  • Helped as part of CrossFit community by doing the HotShots Wod at CrossFit Brantford.

For previous months changes: here is July’s

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