An Outfit for the Theatre

When you are large and think about going shopping for clothes, it can be a depressing thought.  You face looking at your obese body in a full scale mirror with no way to hide and a poor selection of clothing.  Well, it just isn’t fun.  The cost can also be prohibitive as discount racks in the plus sizes are generally rather poor, especially in Canada.  (US is much better both for choice and sales.)

An event as fun as going to the theatre or as tragic as a funeral gets a burden of what to wear which is different than it is for the slimmer person in the crowd.

As readers of this blog know, I have shrunk out of clothes recently that were of very large sizes.  When deciding what to do with my “too big” clothes I considered going to a used clothing store and putting them on consignment or trading for smaller sizes.  I also considered giving them to one of our local used clothing stores like Value Village or the Recovery Shop.

My friend June suggested giving them to the local Self Help FoodBank.  They have clothes for people going back to work, interviews, etc.  My style of clothes would definitely be useful but the primary reason she suggested them was that they seldom  have clothes for large women.  There is a high need and scarce supply.

Definitley mine “fit” into that category.  So  one and a half large leaf bags later, the clothes were on their way to be used by women who need a helping hand.   Jones of New York jackets and blouses that always made me feel good would hopefully lift their spirits as well.  Nylons that were in unopened packages would go with the lovely black dress suitable for a funeral or a night out.  Coats that kept me warm would mean they weren’t wearing a ski jacket over their outfit for that all important interview.

I was thrilled to hear the other night that the woman who manages the clothing unit was ecstatic about the clothes.

I hadn’t realized that the centre is sometimes given tickets to the theatre.  June had written a do’s and don’ts of theatre attendance for their participants, so they would understand some of the cultural differences but clothes were a challenge for larger women.

Some of my dressier clothes have now been set aside at the centre for women going to the theatre.  It makes me smile to think that someone will feel as good as I did when wearing them .  I am hoping the dresses adorn many women as they take in shows and have fun at special occasions, or those more somber moments.

I have learned it is important for me to have clothes that fit as I go down in size. I am happy that the clothes that I wear for a few months will find their way soon to another set of women to enjoy them as well.

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