Topnotch Jar Opener — July Series of Functional Changes

The following is a summary of changes noticed this month, as a result of having done CrossFit since January 8, 2013.


  • No longer have to call the boys to open jars, haven’t found one in a long time that I can’t open — woot — thank-you kettle bell and pushups
  • slacked off for diet the first week, but eating lots of fresh Ontario vegetables now, thankful for farmers.
  • find that I wake up at 4:45am before the alarm, tells me my body is getting used to the earlier start of the day and my sleeping is solid.
  • Driving  is easier now.  For example I am able to reach back and grab my purse from backseat, turning around to backup, getting in & out of car, getting stuff out of trunk. My gut is no longer even close to the steering wheel
  • Sleeping is “normal” now.  Snoring is rare. Able to flip over in my sleep, so good solid sleep patterns.  Did you know that a morbidly obese person is like a whale or a big seal?  It isn’t exactly easy to roll over  and so you just don’t do it while you are sleeping.
  • No longer afraid of bench seats at restaurants. Previously my gut hit the table and some were getting too small. Now, lots of room.


  • did two RX wod’s this month, the first only involved mbc’s and pushups, but it is a sign of improvement and the second was deadlifts & pushups!
  • Pushups are much stronger
  • Burpees are beginning to right as compared to a slow standup & back down.
  • Used a very big band but was able to do a pullup.  Moving to ringrows for WOD and band for warmups and open gym.
  • You can see my   strength progression in this link, and my Named Wod’s here:


  • there is actually some muscle forms in my arms/legs, hands are much stronger
  • 3x blouses are just too big to wear.  2x are too loose as well under arms.  Bought a size 14 that is just a bit snug!   1X (16/18) is a good size and had to pick up a few tops.
  • 20W pants are too big.  18W have too much room in the apron area from previous favourite clothes maker.    Moved to size 18 at AE
  • Left knee is significantly better having recovered from the “getting off a horse” incident in Costa Rica.  Right knee rarely gives trouble anymore.
  • Able to see parts of my body that I haven’t seen for a while, flexibility improved.
  • Resting heart rate down from 82 in Jan to 66 in July — based on this chart, I went from below average to good
  • Measurements: Jan to July:  Left Arm 15.5 =>13.5, Bust ? now ? , Chest 44.5 =>41.5 , Waist 53 =>44, Butt 50.5 =>47, Thigh 28.5 =>25.5  *** note original measurements were done poorly.  Will be interesting to see the progression.
  • Weight went from 268 in Jan to 226 in July.  Slow currently as body trims. Thankful I have recorded size and measurements for when the scales don’t show net change.
  • ps, i turned 55 in Feb, so age is only a factor in the plan.


  • Participated in AquaFit with friends. Nice thing to do outside on a hot summer evening.
  • Bought my first gym bag!
  • Two big “leaf” or yard-waste bags full of clothes:  coats, blouses, pants, undergarments, pyjamas went to the Self-Help Food Bank. Hope someone enjoys them. (plus a new pile to go). Wearing clothes that fit is important, as is doing clothes trying on in front of a full length mirror — keeps me honest in terms of how much further to go.
  • Haven’t been to Milwaukee for a while so missing the Cream City CrossFit morning crew, but busy at CrossFit Brantford and enjoying the new box.

For previous months changes: here is June’s

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