Rest Day but this looked like fun, ok, well maybe not fun, but do-able

Ten rounds for time: 15 Deadlifts (135/95) 15 push-ups

On Tuesday night, I looked at the WOD above, and thought, you know, this looked like fun.

It may have been the high from the aquafit on Tuesday, combined with doing WOD on Monday & Tuesday.

It may have been that I knew I would need something to burn off stress.

I hit the box at 6am this morning, and after a great warmup with lots of stretches and variety (Thanks Zak), it was time to do the WOD.

How much weight to put on?  I decided to do prescribed. After all, my deadlift is 205, so in theory, I could do 15 of 95 pounds, but the question is could I do 10 rounds combined with 15 pushups.

32 minutes later, yes, I know that is too long, but, 32 minutes later…..I completed the WOD prescribed.  No time cap, or i wouldn’t have made it.

To say that it was ugly at the end is an understatement.  Coach Zak’s reminders to keep moving, Lisa, Manny, Stu, Maureen, Michael, shuck, everyone’s say ” you got this” was also good especially at round 7…Michael’s counting in round 10 when all I could think of was vomiting was always welcomed.

So, at the end of my 7 month of CrossFit, I finally have a prescribed wod under my belt.

10 rounds: 15 DL (95), 15 PU

10 rounds: 15 DL (95), 15 PU

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