Dislike: 3/4 Bodyweight

When you are obese, seeing a WOD that says it is 3/4 of your bodyweight is , ummm, challenging at the least.

Today’s WOD was to clean/frontsquat 3/4 of your bodyweight or in my case 171pounds.   My previous PR was 55 founds for a front squat.  that’s a rather major gap.  Now, my front squat should be much higher at least 100 pounds.   In addition, it used pullups, and I am still doing ring rows in WOD’s.

Clean Technique * Work Proper rack position* *Speed Under bar*

Then For Time: 50 Strict Pull Ups Everytime you need to break from Pull Ups you must complete 1 Clean with 10 Front Squats @ 3/4 Bodyweight 

*Note if you are scaling with Bands, Today I want you to choose a band that allows you to reach 7 strict pull ups for your first set, if you can do more than 15 strict pull ups I want you to consider adding weight to the pull ups to make the workout more of a challenge*

Then Accumulate 2 mins L-Sit Time is as few sets as possible

So, what did I do?

Well, I did the ring rows, lowering them a bunch, but, still clearly not the same work as others did on the pullups.

The clean / frontsquats were reasonable at 65pounds.  Definitely could have gone heavier as I learned more about the hold for the front squat.

Took me 9:16 which is a reasonable amount of time / work, but, definitely underworked this one.

The warmup was good…I can finally do walking lunges, not great, but, heh, it’s a step.

Skipping on one foot was a challenge, but, completed. Double Under — not doing yet, so lots of skipping got done.

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