Celebrating the little things — 30sec plank

I finished a 30sec plank today.  Now, that isn’t much for some of you, but, I remember when holding  a 5sec plank was crazy.  Being able to hold it for 30 sec felt good.

It was part of the warmup, along with double unders,  inchworm, Russian Dead Lift, toes 2 bar (situps for me), passthru’s.  Michael & I were up & out of the house early today, so at CrossFit early and even my slow speed allowed me to complete the warmup twice, which was good, as the WOD was a kicker.

Back Squat 5-5-5 Then For Time: 10 T2B 10 Deadlifts @ 70% 1rm 10 Slapping Pushups,10 T2b, 8 DL, 8 SPU, 10 T2B, 6DL, 6SPU, 10 T2B..

My PR backsquat was 185, so 80% was 148.  My goal was 155.   Great news is that did 95 5x, then 145 5x, then 165 3x.  Felt a bit unsteady today in my lower back and knowing DL’s were coming up, I stopped after 3.  I felt good about that.   165 is 90% so not bad.

For the For time, I went with 145 pounds for the deadlift, which is 70% of my 205.   I tried doing a proper slapping pushup but couldn’t get the height, so went with slapping push up from knee, and then, instead of toes to bar I did abmat sit-ups.

Happy with the results. It took me 9+ min, but, I was able to keep going without much of a break and the DL’s moved reasonably well in the last grouping.

Thinking that was it, we started to pack up…takes a bit to wipe eerything down, catch your breath, but, no…..Coach Jess had a surprise for us.

A tabata…..a tabata plank,……not a weighted tabata plank.  I laughed.  Here I completed my first 30sec plank, and we were moving into tabata plank.  …weighted.   I think that was the joker playing with me due to my being so happy that I finished a plank.

I chose to do just the plank, and held most of them for the 30sec.  A couple I bailed early, but, overall, a success..amazing to see people doing it with weights on their backs.  When I can hold a plank for a minute and a half, I will try a weighted one. In the meantime, each day is a bit better.

Another good day at CrossFit.

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