A new PR is in my sights

Today wasn’t a great day on multiple fronts…I slept in, did not feel like going to CrossFit.  By 4pm, I realized if not today, then when, and really, that I needed to go….so…5pm found me in the box doing warmup.

Now warmup included 500m which is always welcome as my knee does not mind it, but, I was not looking forward to the split jumps and had no idea if I could move any weight in the Hang Power Clean.

Going at 5pm instead of 6am is also a number of folks thatI would not normally see, so was good to meet them, and also see folks that I haven’t worked out with since the intros in January and February.

Bench Press 3-3-3-3-3 Then AMRAP 10 7 Hang Power Cleans (185/120) 30 Split Jumps

At the end of the repeats, I  moved 105 3x bench press without much trouble today, so I am thinking a new PR is in my sights:  (previous PR is 110lb).  That was fun.  It is good to be able to do something and see the positive impact of the changes that have occurred.

Next we would be doing the WOD.  My previous PR was a measly 35pounds for the Hang Power Clean.  I knew my number was way higher, but the question was, what could I do 7x in a row.  I went with 55 pounds which turned out to be too light, but…..it was way higher than my previous # so, that is good.

The split jumps were , as anticipate,d more of a split step, but, heh…I did 30, and kept moving with only a couple of stops…and so, am also happy with those numbers.  Knees felt good.

So, at the end, I had done 3rounds plus 14, so, a total of 28 lifts and 97 split jumps.

Glad I went.

Thanks to coaches who encourage, like Krista and to the people at the box, like Zak who remind me to keep moving, don’t stop…giving support as they are doing their own sessions.

Great folks.

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