Rescued during a Killer WOD

When your brain isn’t working, it is good when a friend sees you fighting and comes to the rescue with an idea or a word of advice….or even a lighter weight

Today’s WOD looked daunting when posted:  5 Rounds for time of: 10 Push Press 20 Steps OH walking Lunge (10R, 10L) (45 Plate/25 Plate), 15 bar facing burpees

There was also a question was what should the push press be set to.  Can’t remember the men’s weight, but women’s ended up being set to  95lb, well, it was clearly going to be heavily scaled by me, but how would I do it?

My strict press is currently 85lbs, so my push is likely around 115, but there is no way, I could do  10.  Coach Kyle suggested doing 55lbs and given the nature of the wod, seemed reasonable to do 10 of them.

Lunges are a challenge for me, so, figured to reduce the number, but, keep the weight.

Burpees — I would jump over the bar as long as I could, then ramp down to just burpees.  There was no point face planting given my inability to “jump”.

So, how did the plan go?

Well, just under 30min later, I was done the 5 rounds.

Push press — good decision, might have gone a bit heavier, but not much. Arms were wobbly the last few in round 5, but made it through without putting weight down.

Lunges — bad decision, should have gone lighter.  First two rounds were not bad, I did 5R, 5L.  Third & fourth round, I did the count but it was difficult to keep the weight over my head and come up from the ground.  I struggled but did, but, dang was I slow.    Thanks to Len who came to my rescue in round 5 and dropped off a 10lb for my last round.  I truly was able to do the lunges then.  (ps…the reminders to breathe by Len were good reminders as well, as my brain was in auto-pilot)

Burpees, did the over the bar for 2 rounds, then stepped down to straight burpees.

So, hard work, but, as the t-shirt says, “Damn, I regret that workout” says no one ever.

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