Funny walks at CrossFit

Bench Press 5-5-5 Then AMRAP 12 10 MBC (20/4) 7 Push Ups

The warmup today included the most hilarious series of movements for lengths of the box:  bear crawl (2), bird dip, duck walk, bunny hop. Plus pushups, pullups, split squats,benchpress etc.  The box is much longer now!  I ended up scaling the warmup or would never have got to the buy-in.

The buy-in was bench press– 5x5x5.  My previous PR is 110, so an 80% would be 88.  I ended up hitting 95 pounds 5x, so not bad.  Couldn’t get 5 of 105.

For the wod, I decided to go RX, and used a 14 pound medicine ball.  Did 6rounds+4.   Good to actually do stuff at the right weight.

For cashout, Yates had a neat partner tamada, where we high-5’d our partner from a pushup position.  Mike and I did 12 .

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