A Double Workout Day

It’s hot in Southern Ontario, muggy, humid.

Yesterday’s morning warmup included kettlebell complex, strength:  deadlift (3×5) and wod  of amrap in 15 min of 8 handstand pushups, 16 kettle bell swings and 32 double unders.  Even at 6am it was starting to heat up.

I was right, the hspu was so much easier from the angled box as my apron was able to get out of the way. Finally able to get close to a real hspu from the box, ie write hand/shoulder positions.  Long way from a hspu but felt good to be able to finally start to do the effort.

Given I can’t do double unders that meant 96 skips (3to1 ratio).   Skipping seemed to go better again, as a couple of times I was able to do more than 50 in a row.

For deadlift, I had gone up to 5x of 175 , which is just over 85% of my 205PR.

Now, at the end, everyone was wiped, it is just so warm out.  Looked around and everyone was flat out on their back, just breathing.

Last night, I went to AquaFit at the local outside pool.  What a glorious night to be in the water.  Two friends joined me who do various forms of exercise (biking, swimming, etc).  It was a long time since I have done an aquafit program. I had forgotten about using the water for resistance.  It felt a lot like the stretching that we do for lifting…really felt good.

I’m thinking that the AquaFit will be a nice way to add another workout to my week without adding strain.  Lots of fun, good people, and beautiful environment (watching the clouds as doing a “hike” across the pool.

What is nice is that my body is now getting to the point where it is strong enough to do two workouts in a day.

Today is my rest day.

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