When you can’t get the basics done in the “emom”

Pendlay Rows: 5-5-5
Then  For time:

  • 60 C2B Pull Ups,
  • Emom starting on the first minute 5 burpee box jumps (20 Inches for everyone)

Pendlay rows went well.  Previous lift in that space was 80 pounds.  Got it up to 95 pounds this time.

WOD though was going to be a challenge.  I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to do a 20″ boxjump, and the chest-to-bar pullups would be ring rows as low as I could do, but..would that be enough?  With every minute on the minute, the idea is you do the burpees/box jumps and with the time left you “chip” away at the 60 pullups.  When you get the 60 down, you are done.  You want to get as many done early, so you end up doing less repeats of the jumps.

Turns out my scaling  wasn’t enough.  After the clock said “go”, it took me the full minute to do the 5 burpee box jumps even at an 8″ box jump, so no time for any of the ring rows.  I knew I would continue to get slower at the burpees and jumps.   Given that, at the end of the Emom I would have ended up at 20min probably owing box jumps and having done no ring rows.

Scaled it back to 2 burpee jumps next row, and that was too few.

3 burpee box jumps seemed to be about right, and so, worked through doing three.   In the end, I could only get 2 ring rows out in the minute with the three box jumps, but, it was good effort.
Learning as I go, and adjusting.

Thirteen plus minutes of good work, though, continues to pay off.

Came home, had a great breakfast cooked by M & me, and made a delicious salad for lunch.
This getting up early in the morning isn’t such a bad thing.

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