Deadlift & HSPU: Diane

I’ve been trying to learn how to scale to meet the actual goal of the named Workout of the Day (WOD), rather than just presuming to reduce the count or to just take longer.

Found this site, which has scaled wod’s.  Will refer to it in future  to ensure that I am understanding concept and plan accordingly.

My challenge in Diane is that I cannot get the handstand push up from the box.  I try but if I move my hands in my belly fat seems to still get in the way.  I can’t figure out how to get my knees up to balance on the box  or move right if I do get them up.  Goal for next one is to try the more diagonal box to see if it gets my gut out of the way.

So, for Nancy, which is deadlifts and HSPU, it means that I am heavily scaled in the HSPU.

On the other hand, I felt good about the deadlifts…145 pounds.  From a WOD standpoint, I think that if I had gone 125 would have been able to get the speed up and have been closer to the goal of the WOD.
The HSPU is just goofy, but, I did what I could do, and it was work and I did it.
Time: 13:35


Arms still sore from Angie at inner elbow.  Interesting how different people hurt in different ways.

Good hurt though

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