oooh, so that is how that muscle works

Reaching forward to key on a laptop requires that the arm straighten above and the muscle above your inner elbow stretch.

Wouldn’t have know so much about that had I not done CrossFit’s  wod “Angie” yesterday:
Angie:  scaled to:  100 ringrows, 75 pushups, 75 situps, 75 squats — 29m 2s


Yup, 100 ring rows will do that to you, even if you aren’t lateral when doing them.  Interesting it is only my left arm.  It is my weaker arm.

75 pushups — not so bad, the he pectoral muscles, triceps, and anterior deltoids seem fine, a little bit sore when stretch but nothing of note

75 squats — no issue at all, quads are fine.

75 situps — no issue – hip flexors and abdominal muscles are fine.

so….it’s just the ring rows, and I did do

Turns out this site is pretty good for explaining muscle groups:

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