June’s Series of Functional Changes

The following is a summary of changes noticed this month, as a result of having done CrossFit since January 8, 2013.


  • Not a month to expect huge changes as just haven’t been aggressively chasing diet or program
  • Diet:  Back to cooking in advance, taking lunches and healthy dinners.
  • CrossFit:  Missed a full week, but most weeks have hit hit 2x or 3x. …..
  • Gardening is fun again, not having my gut get in the way reminding me how out of shape that  I am.  The funny thing is that I actually hurt myself gardening…d’oh…didn’t warm up before ripping out all the ivy


  • Deadlift max was 105 in April, did 175 in early June and 205 June 24.
  • BS up to 185 and Strict press was 80
  • Boxjump: 8″, up from a frustrating 4″ in Feb
  • My jogging is really slow, but, shucks, I ran 1.2km the other day..so..things are improving.


  • Weight went down to 231 making that 37 pounds gone since January….really slowed down here…and I know it is due to a lack of focus on veggies!
  • Size is down from 24w in Jan to 18w, having to folder over the waist due to decrease in stomach apron (fat).   18W pant legs are getting loose…
  • More positive results in physical tests at doctor.  Had to go for a pre-check prior to be accepting for a colonscopy at a clinic.  Doctor was kinda surprised when he saw me. I don’t look like I weight as much as I do.
  • Knees continue to improve, though the one that I hurt on the horse is tough.

Other items:

  • Interesting how clothes sizes have changed over the years.  I found a pair of shorts from Pennington’s, size 20 in my closet from about 15 years ago.  They didn’t fit me in May when I could get into other size 20’s, they did in early June, and now are too big.
  • Signed a year contract with CrossFit Brantford…this is a long-term change, not a spot change.
  • Became off balance on the stairs as I stepped over an item, and realized I just shifted my balance.  That’s big. In the past, I would have fallen.


There are day when changes seem slow.  By recording the changes, it helps me focus on the long-term goal and the amazing transformation.   It is a continuation of this May post,  April Post and this  February post

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4 Responses to June’s Series of Functional Changes

  1. OKfriend says:

    Well done! 37 lbs gone and size 24 to 18! Of course it slowed down a little- but it is still going the right way! Celebrate all you have done and are doing!

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