May’s Series of Functional Changes

The following is a summary of changes noticed this month, as a result of having done CrossFit since January 8, 2013.

Note: May’s changes are different, more a stabilization month due to vacation.


  • Diet: Easy to choose healthy food when vacation is taken in Costa Rica — wonderful vegetables, fruit and simple meals.
  • CrossFit:  Actually went 5x one week; however, 4x seems about the right amount.  Missed a week after coming home from two weeks of vacation.  Was able to get back on track relatively quickly.
  • Went  horseback riding, hiking & ziplined with my boys in Costa Rica.  Was simply wonderful to be able to enjoy these items.


  • Hurt knee when getting off horse, but, am able to work through it as knew more about my body.
  • With spring, CrossFit includes running. I kinda jog but am steady.  Was able to do all the skipping for Annie but did 50% of situps.  Still good.


  • Had to take shoe  sandle buckle in 2 holes.  Who knew my feet were losing weight.
  • Weight went down to 232 making that 36 pounds gone since January, but then climbed up to 236. Unsure what is up with that, need to monitor intake for a bit.
  • Size is down from 24w in Jan to 18w, Now having to roll the waistline down in those sizes due to lack of requirement for fabric in the gut. Had to put the string back in the waistline of the 2x shorts so they stay up on waist.  They are now fitting nicely. Had to get new undergarments.
  • I have taken care of multiple items that were overdue with physician tests. They keep coming back clear which is great, but, more importantly it is less stressful going to the doctor when I am less obese.

Other items:

  • Had someone speak to me, then do a double-take, didn’t recognize me.  Helps to wear clothes that fit.
  • Weight loss is showing in face resulting in people noticing
  • With 2 weeks in Costa Rica, a week off there is no wonder that there is little to write this month, and yet, the good news is the healthy work continues.  Life is good.
  • I wear my carseat belt again, it seems to fit better, doesn’t seem as obtrusive.


There are day when changes seem slow.  By recording the changes, it helps me focus on the long-term goal and the amazing transformation.   It is a continuation of this April Post and this  February post

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