April’s Series of Functional Changes

The following is a summary of changes noticed this month, as a result of having done CrossFit since January 8, 2013.


  • Diet: Survived Easter without a challenge
  • CrossFit: Transitioned to box attending 6am WOD’s & Saturday open sessions.
  • Trip to Costa Rica booked & plan to hike, climb & zipline with my boys


  • Able to carry items on stairs readily easily without using handrail
  • Taking off socks by standing on one foot due to improved balance
  • Driving in reverse, back to old ways, as can twist appropriately to see over shoulder
  • Able to open most jars due to improved hand strength
  • I haven’t fallen or almost fallen when hitting rough pavement – balance is better!

Long term, low probability, high risk:


  • Metabolism: thyroid passed without meds — major win
  • Sugar: passed blood glucose without any issue
  • Quads getting stronger which  the physiotherapist says is why my balance is increasing
  • Weight is down to 240 making that 28 pounds gone since January
  • Size is down from 24w in Jan to 18w, can get into 2nd set of  2x shorts I bought last fall
  • Identified cause of long-term intermittent headaches as tight trapezoid muscles. OHS helped pinpoint it. Treatment: deep muscle massage, stretches and improved posture
  • Lower legs “scales” are gone. I’m guessing it is due to improved circulation in legs / skin

Other items:

  • Sports medicine physiotherapist confirmed ACL & Miniscus issues from twisting injury a year and a half ago. Avoiding doctors is not always a good thing, but, the good news is CrossFit has been helping me immensely with stability through building up quads
  • People are asking: “what have you done” – you look different — yeah!
  • Dates are a laxative — who knew?


There are day when changes seem slow.  By recording the changes, it helps me focus on the long-term goal and the amazing transformation.   It is a continuation of this February post

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