CrossFit is causing my pants to grow longer

Did you know that mysteriously my pants have been getting longer in my closet?    Now, of course, they aren’t really getting longer, just the fabric that was covering my thighs and gut is no longer required and so….the pants are longer.  

This is the consequences of CrossFit to the obese person.  After 3 months, a new wardrobe is required.  The size 24’s which were too tight, are all in the “too big box” which will be a celebrated send to charity when full.

I’m also now wearing many of my pants  like Peewee Herman, with waist line being somewhere up around my rib cage.  Trick I figured out: fold the waist line over — works well with the tops which have also become quite roomy.

Of the clothes, by brand, here is what I am wearing:

Jones New York

  • jeans: 22 —  loose, but wearable.  Hadn’t worn these in years, but they were so wonderful, I kept them.
  • shorts: 24 — way too big – too big box

Laura Plus

  • jeans:  24 —  feels just loose when first goes on after a wash, but within an hour of wearing are falling off. too big box


  • pants 24 — too big box
  •  pants:  20P  – tight in belly – wearable

Briggs New York

  • 24W – way too big, unwearable too big box
  • 22w – too big box
  • 20W — fit ok, but need to turn down the waistline, as too much fabric in “belly” area…
  • 18W — fit well in legs, bit tight in stomach but wearable

CJ Banks

  • 24 – too big in waist and legs  too big box
  • 24 – boot cut –  fits well


  • Mens 2x — one pair of shorts I could wear in January, the other I just got into two weeks ago.

What is the difference?

The W cut of the Briggs New York provides a significant amount more fabric for the heavy gut woman, aka apron.

Addition Elle’s clothes were designed for heavier young woman without the big gut.

Jones New York & Laura are also designed for women who are overall big, rather than the heavy gut.

CJ Banks is closer to JNY & Laura, in that they are a natural progression for standard sizing, rather than the adjustment of the Plus size stores.

What does it matter?

As my weight drops in my gut, my clothes size may actually increase or just shift to a different cut in the same size.  The only way to actually measure the clothes size shifts is if the same company and cut is compared.

What am I doing?  Buying clothes a size or two ahead when I see them extremely inexpensive, such as 9.99 pants.  This allows me to keep going down and not have the allusion of “too big” slow down the path to healthy.

It also means that by the fall, I may be able to buy clothes in a non-plus sized clothing store but may be better off buying in a plus sized and buying smaller sizes.  Two reasons for that, the smaller sizes are often on the sale racks. They plus sized give more room for the gut, which is likely the last thing that I will lose as the weight goes down.

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2 Responses to CrossFit is causing my pants to grow longer

  1. OKfriend says:

    Way to go! Has your top size changed also? May be time for a bra fitting?

    • pingadohtor says:

      Hah, yes, my top size has gone down. Loose tops I can get away with, but the JNY blouses that were 22 & 24 are in the “too big box”.

      Absolutely correct re bra sizes. Part of my plan for next week.

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