Managing Risk: Form first

Form is really important at CrossFit.   I have been taught, for example, that the 1RM has to have perfect form, doesn’t matter if you put 20lbs more on the bar, if you didn’t meet the standard(or at least the quality of your first rep :)), then it doesn’t count

Honestly, that makes me happy, in my workplace, learning a skill well prior to  driving hard and increasing scope allows me to reduce risk.  It makes sense the same applies at CF as I think it helps to keep us safe.

Based on feedback from son G, I am going to figure out my crossfit total this Saturday. (1RM of my back squat, press and deadlift) then the next week I can do my bench, front squat and pendlay row.

This morning was another beautiful morning. I am not a morning person, but spending the time with  son M is a bonus part of early morning CrossFit sessions, as we get up at 5am, spend 30 minutes driving there, work out, then, 30minutes discussing the WOD, and of course, the bacon & egg preparation when we get home.

A positive sign this morning was that neither son M or I forgot anything after the session. I don’t understand the “brain dead” of post session, but, it is quite common for people to forget stuff.  M forgot his coat on Tuesday. I forgot my shoes/bag.


  • forgot to record it, but, started with 50skips, included deadlifts, broadjump burpees, 

Buy In

  • Deadlift
  • Warm Up then
  • EMOM 10
  • 1 Deadlft at 75% 1rm, + GOBS (thanks Yates for throwing that in)  — I did 105 pounds

WOD J.T.” = 21-15-9 reps of:

  • Handstand push-ups  == heavy scale from thighs on box
  • Ring dips == heavy scale using pvc pipe — finally got the move figured and felt it in the shoulders, yeah!
  • Push-ups — scale (knee style)


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