Muscles and the Central Nervous System: newbie’s 101

This last week seems to be all about learning about muscles.  Maybe that is a sign that I am no longer quite as overwhelmed.

Remember:  newbie here.  These are my learnings.  This 55 year old has been a book worm, geek and mathie for as long as she has been alive, so…send me your corrections, expansions.  Positive criticism is quite welcome.  I strongly recommend that you find an expert in your box / circles to share wisdom.

ok, so, without further ado, muscles 101

1.  Muscles are compromised of many fibres.  We generally only use a small portion of the fibers (who knew, i figured mine were just weak).

2. By doing multiple reps with less than our maximum, we teach the muscles to use more fibres.   Graham used a spaghetti package to demo this to me  with each spaghetti being a fibre in the muscle.  As I understand it, we only use a small portion of those fibres.  It is  our central nervous system which tells us to fire more of them.  (who knew, makes me want to ask Graham if that is why people under stress can do much more than ever before…cns is directing their muscles to do everything)

3.  Now, I am looking to do further study on the information from Coach Howy in Cream City CrossFit and Graham regarding the logic behind the %’s, which I understand are based on Russian weighlifting coaches work.  I have googled & read, and my mind is swimming in terms, so will await the next time for KT from those smart folks that I keep bumping into at Cross Fit boxes.  In the meantime, I am now aware that it is important to be able to do it not only well for form, but, fast/explosive, and that, better to get both of those right in the sessions.  Probably should have figured this out before, but, it makes sense now.

4.   I now am understanding more about the importance of your max  on each lift in order to improve better over all.  At some point, I need to figure out my maximum; however, given the learnings, I am able to feel the difference of lifting at 40, 50, 60 & then 90%….and how it feels the day later.

So, here is this mornings session and how I  used some of that knowledge to work when doing the buy in.

I also used the intensity focus to scale my wod, ensuring that i was working, but, could complete.

Buy In:   

  • Back Squat
  • Warm Up (5×40%, 5×50%,3×60%)
  • Then 5 sets of 3 with 90% of your last 1rm   — I ended up with 115pounds.  Tested 135, but, it seemed too heavy for sets of 3.   With 115 pounds I was getting that faster firing of the lift.  

WOD:  3 Rounds for time of:

  •  21 Burpees  — did 15 of my ungainly burpees
  •  21 Kettlebell Swings — used 25 pounds
  •  12 Pull Ups — used the rings

Total time was 14:30  (i think)

Cash Out

Pick a skill to build for the week, let’s make some progress  —oops, missed this…just sat and watched the others – d’oh

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