SME, SuperUsers, Corrective Actions, Form — yup, that’s CrossFit

If I talk about SME’s, SuperUsers, Corrective Actions, Form, well…..most of my friends would presume that I was talking about a system implementation.  CrossFit, though, has all the essentials of a good project or well designed implementation.

Let me  share the similarities.


Due to the calibre of CrossFit coaches and their willingness to share knowledge my health knowledge has grown.  CrossFit has an “open source” philosophy which provides ready access to vetted information,  I have learned more about my muscles, central nervous system, food sources/uses, importance of sleep and good work/life balance from this community in 3 months than I have in 55 years of life and school.  I am thankful for individuals who are willing to take the time and share the knowledge they have whether in person or through online resources (as well as those who vett that information)

A second thing that I appreciate is the attention by the coaches.  It isn’t that there is undue attention or that I am an attention hog, but, having someone who says, sit back on the heels, or pull the elbows out, or hold it lower on your back makes a huge difference. I compare it to my workplace where if I just take the time to touch base with our user community and service providers we can make simple adjustments or share minor points which make big impact on the long term success. So, whether the box has two people in it or a dozen people, in Cambridge or Milwaukee, the coaches are watching for form adjustments, and there are those who are coach-certified but not the coach of the day who will suggest items or give a hand.  I compare that to years of trying other types of gyms or programs where there may be a couple that get instructions, but the vast majority were just trying to figure out how to do things, and in the process getting hurt.

The next thing that is great about CrossFit is the focus on form with corrective actions.  I have been told my form was off, and stepped back from a weighted bar down to a training bar to a pvc pipe to correct and when done, moved back up if appropriate or told to keep working on form.  The emphasis on doing it right first is immense and also reduces the probability of damage.

Next, it is on the importance of taking care of the body.  I was trying to do an OHS with just a training bar today, and found that I had had a headache when I went for the extension. Coach H noticed right away, asked how I was, I tried a couple more and he said, let’s switch to a squat to see if same problem. It went away. he then said try weight with a kb in a special hold.  No pain.  So, moved to that format.  In most gyms or programs that I have particpated in, that would not have been noticed, and I would have quit or backed out.  Instead, with CrossFit coaching a way to scale was swapped in, allowing me to continue and feel good.

Finally, I can’t help but name the laughter, support & community that comes with CrossFit.  There is different humour dependent on who is in the box, but honestly, it is a a community that clearly works.


  1. SME’s and super users providing information incrementally
  2. Corrective Actions: One-on-one support: attention to detail
  3. Focus on form: training in the methods incrementally “learn/implement, then go deeper, go wider, go stronger”
  4. attention to the whole person: work, diet, sleep, fun
  5. laughter, support, community

Makes it easy to keep on “keeping on”

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