When the snooze button is more appealing than the box

Monday night I was in a mood.

My brain was telling me that I should just skip Tuesday morning’s CrossFit. The script went kinda like this one:

  • I could go Wednesday
  • what would one missed day be.
  • It was too late to be still awake.  I was only going to get 5 hrs sleep soon.
  • Been doing great with lots of improvements, one missed day won’t matter

When morning came, my mind was in the same mood

  • just hit the snooze, go back to sleep
  • you really don’t need to go, you’ve been doing well, just skip a day
  • you didn’t get enough sleep, more sleep would help you more
  • you can go Wednesday

I got up, and went to Cream City CrossFit

I am not going to say it was a great CrossFit.  I arrived 10min late due to the mindgames I was playing with myself hitting the snooze button.  I forgot my shoes at the hotel, but luckily the WOD allowed me to work without them.  There were only two of us at the box (plus the coach), which meant that I received lots of one-on-one coaching (thanks Howie) which of course was awesome, but also meant this was going to be a day where you want to drive yourself to the best to take advantage of it. I worked, did the warmup, did the lifts, did the wod.  I was glad for it to be done.  It wasn’t a celebration.  It wasn’t a “wowzer” that felt great.  It was work and I did it.

I went back to the hotel, got ready for work, had breakfast, and started the rest of my day.

Late that night, I reflected on the decision to go, and realized it was just like working the way through a long project.

There are days at work when it would be really easy to giveup and no one would doubt my sanity for doing so.  To get fed up of the hard work.  To get tired of those who put up roadblocks.  To get ticked at myself for missing some prework which puts me into a catchup situation, even if it was because we were putting out fires.

The difference between success and failure is often just the rolling up of the sleeves and getting the work done.  The decision to do something, rather than letting time pass. The drive to choose completion and success.

The journey from the the beginning of a project to a successful completion has many valleys where it would be easy to pack it in.

Yesterday, for me, was one of the valley days at CrossFit.  It helps to have had the experience with projects where even when my brain is talking me out of something, that the habit of choosing “doing”  drives me forward.


Success will never be a big step in the future, success is a small step taken just now. ~Jonatan Mårtensson





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