Life Changing

Well, it is close to 11 weeks since I started attending a CrossFit session.

Today I attended my first open session, and once again, had great support by those who have been doing CrossFit for years.  My thighs were still freaking out from Thursday, but, no time like the present to work out the kinks.   Did some warmup, then worked on learning my personal best with lifts.  Thanks to Coach Z for his guidance with lifts.

Let’s see what functional changes I should note since Jan 8

  • able to run up stairs and skip down (lol, other than today)
  • able to wear shoes with laces without being embarrassed trying to put them on in public
  • able to put on socks without twisting my body inside out
  • no problem with the airplane seatbelt
  • able to walk for 5hrs in NYC — goal #1 — keep up to G
  • snoring seems to have stopped unless I have a bad cold (attested to by 3 people!) 
  • discovering eating healthy is reasonably easy even on the road
  • down from a 24w to an 18w pants
  • down from 3x blouses to 2x
  • down from 268 to 245lb
  • attending standard CrossFit as compared to intro

What can I do?

  • Situps — yup, knock them off
  • Bench press — 85 lbs
  • Strict Press — 65 lbs
  • BackSquat – 90 lbs

What do I need to work on big time?

  • box jumps — c’mon, really 4″ — tried today, same issue.  Need to figure this out
  • skipping — some days, I just can’t skip
  • pushups, I am ready to move from the knee form, and just need to push myself

What is still a dream

  • anything with the bars, though, thoughts are will have to be under 200lb before I can do this work

So, I’m happy.  I had my checkup and blood test results and my thyroid seems to be doing just fine, and no pre-diabetes showed up.  I am sure that I dodged both of those bullets by taking an active part in my health by joining CrossFit.



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