Kicking my Butt: Out of Bed and Scaling

Wednesday was the first day back at CrossFit Brantford after vacation, and the first one with my youngestson, M, and I attending a session together.

Neither of us are morning people (understatement), but we were bothup at 5am, to hit the road by 5:25 to be ready for 6am.  The box is a 25min drive along a highway that parallels the Grand River.  Nice to have someone along to watch for deer.

Wow — the box is busy in the early session.  It isn’t that big, and there were a dozen folks there.  Surprised me, as the Milwaukee box has a lot less folks at the early session.

What is no different is the friendliness of the people at the box.  Everyone was helpful and encouraging, I  really do appreciate the spirit of folks.


CrossFit Brantford lists the warmup on the board; however, I am still learning the process of the warmup and how to scale.  This first time proved to be a challenge, as I ran out of time, and so didn’t start the buy-in when I should have.   Not a biggie, and I am getting better at knowing what is right for my body and for amount of time given.

Buy In

Strict Press:  Warm Up (5×40%, 5×50%, 3×60%): Then 3 sets of 5 with 5 lbs more than last time  —— Here I think my number is around 70 pounds.  I did 75 pounds 4x, but wasn’t able to do the 5th.  Then again, I also had trouble with doing the 5th for 65 pounds, so…it could just be doing anything 5x is just one too many, and I need to figure out how to do 5 reps of something.


For Time:

12-10-8-6-4-2 Hang Power Cleans (155/105)  — wasn’t clear on the weight that I could do and underloaded — only doing 35 pounds meant it was like a feather, and so, not enough work.  Need to ensure that I have enough time to do a test lift or two prior to the WOD to get the weight figured out…

2-4-6-8-10-12 HSPU   — could not get my position on the box right…ended up with too high a box, and couldn’t get knees up and arms down…which meant that i truly wasn’t doing the work that I wanted to.  Need to figure out how to arrange this box so that I am knees, rather than thighs on the box.

It’s all good, just need to learn so that I could push myself more….

Cash Out

Tabata AMSU  — sigh…..although I was doing 5, I only did 3 in one, so, my score was a measly 3.  (When others are doing 12, 3 is definitely rather bleak)


**** note:  I definitely feel low about today and what I was able to do, other than the strict press.  Mentally, I know that just being there is a huge improvement and being able to do anything is great….but, dang it, I hate when I overscale or feel that I under-delivered.

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