Best Laid Plans

The best laid plans were knocked out for our trip to NYC and then the Worlds.

You see, G was sick the week before we went, and had a terrible cough/cold while away…clearly sleep was a higher priority than attending a CrossFit session.   We did walk for hours on end and also ate fairly healthy, so, all in all , not a loss.

I came home on the Thursday, went to work on Friday and was fevered and headed back home by the afternoon, only to spend the weekend in bed with a respiratory / flu virus.

Made it into work on Tuesday having had the virus kick me pretty hard and leaving me with a yucky cough.  I did take go to the Worlds Figure Skating, but again, the thought of hacking through a wod at a new box didn’t seem like a fair thing to them or to me….

So…though the plans were good to attend CrossFit when on vacation, sadly, it just didn’t work out.

The good news is that I am now able to wear another size smaller clothes…making that 3 women’s sizes that i have dropped since the first part of January.  (24w to 18w)  Weight also is going down….and ability to do is going up.

My goal when I started was to be able to walk with G around NYC in March without being embarrassed by saying “hold, I need to catch my breath” or “sorry, I just can’t do any more stairs”.

Goal #1 reached!

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