Best Gaff’s in the Box

I’m known for messing up terms.  shucks, even in my workplace, i mix metaphors, and can’t remember what acronyms stand for….lol, and that is what I am paid to remember.

so, here are some of my gaff’s for crossfit which cause chuckles and good natured ribbing

Here are some Pinga-isms

“Romanian kettle bells” — NOT — it is a  Ukrainian deadlift  — well, heh, to my defense they are both Eastern European countries and….we used kettle bells to do the deadlift!

“you know, the one that sounds like potato, potata” –NOT –it is  tabata

“Tabata — is that one of those named wod’s, like Grace”  — NOT — it is actually  rounds, 20 sec work, 10sec rest, with score being the least you do in any round of an item

Do you have any classic mixups? I am sure that I will have more over time.

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