Whether it is a kick in the butt, or a high 5, you make the difference

I own my attitude.

No one but me is responsible for my drive, my goals, and my commitment, or my success or failure.

Knowing that, I still have to give praise to those people that help me keep on, striving for success, reaching new markers.

I met Buddy Barbara at my first Introduction session and she returned like me for the 2nd time. When things seem low this time round, there was a high 5, or a word of encouragement.  She is better at some things, I am better at others, and we are both slower than the 20year olds, but….we are there, and we are getting stronger together and making plans to be healthier still.

Buddy Jessica was always there in the first intro providing positive energy & attitude to everyone in the box, keeping the energy going.  The smile, the laughter, are a gift as is her sincerity.  (coincidentally, she is the sister of the next person in the list, so maybe it is a family trait!)

Owner/Coach George  at CrossFit Brantford is observant regarding what each person is doing, regardless of their fitness level or ability.  He notices where a poorly executed movement will result in strain or injury and provides a lesser range of activity which will build the basic strength / movement upon until such time as one can do it right.  He also laughs really well!

Owner/Coach Shawn of CrossFit Brantford is also observant and able to restructure the move to ensure you learn appropriately.  Great support and also blunt talk. I would not be at CrossFit without his clear message last summer that I needed to decide if I wanted to be healthy and if so, get it done.

My son, Graham  without his coaching, his support, his encouragement, I would still be on the couch.  His texts, his looking up videos, or explaining moves, and….in the beginning, his teaching me to skip and helping me buy clothes/gear, encouragement and support. i’m pretty lucky.

Coach Krista, who always has a positive word an an encouragement for everyone in the box.  Your caring and attention are as stunning, as is your showing what 6 months can do if you put your mind to it. Way to go on those burpees

Owner/Coach Howie, Coach Krista and Coach Kevin at CreamCity CrossFit, for their welcome and support of this Canadian newbie, and said “no problem”, “let’s do it”.  Truly looking forward to seeing you again.

Those folks who always say “hi” and treat you like you belong when you are coming in to do your “baby” session, when they are finishing up their Olympic Weight Lifting insane times….people like Zach,

And of course, I can’t forget Coach Len, Coach Jess and Coach Yatin who show us what is possible, who give that push to do better and take the time to teach. Each of you has shown me some item, allowed me to watch a move, to see how it is done.

Then there are all the virtual folks, my online buddies, the one who read my posts, ask questions, participate in other areas with discussions on food choices or the joy of reaching a new milestone

All of you are gifts

Coz, honestly, this old fat broad sometimes wonders what am I up to.

I listened to a segment of an interview with Marnie McBean, author of The Power of More on CBC One’s Ontario Today program.  I found myself nodding in agreement as she said, it is about doing “just a bit more”, but, also, when she asked call-in folks, “what about those days that you can’t find the motivation, what keeps you going” — I knew the answer, or , I knew my answer.

It is you.

I can convince myself, and focus…but….there are times when it just seems like I won’t get there, or I shouldn’t be taking up people’s time or their coaching energy.  The week when the improvements seem slow.  The times when the self-doubt would make it easier just to sit  back down, bail  or turn around & go home.

You make the difference.

So, for those of you who treat this old broad like someone who belongs or spend time sharing your wisdom, know that you make a huge difference in my ability to make it back there the next time, and to do, just a little bit more.

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