News: CrossFit helps with finding Tupperware lids!

One of three base points of CrossFit is functional movement. The other two being high intensity, constantly varied.

So, the question is, after 6 weeks of CrossFit has my life improved?  Am I able to do things differently?

Well, here’s a few items that I have noticed

  • Driving: improved “backing up” due to ability to lift/rotate torso
  • Stairs: can move up & down stairs with ease, and kinda run when carrying a laptop!
  • Jar opening; my hands are stronger — this one really surprises me — kettle bells?
  • Playing with dog: easier to get up & down from floor
  • Finding tupperware lids: can reach into the back of the cupboard – thank you squats!
  • Sleep:  much better, I think as my body can easily turn over
  • Laundry: when getting up from a chair is simple, you tend to just “do it”
  • Quick errands: are actually quick when you can zip around the store without huffing/puffing: Yeah skipping!
  • Safety:  Better balance when on ice-covered sidewalks or slippery floors

Not a bad list for 6 weeks.

PS. Though Paleo isn’t CrossFit, the encouragement to eat nutritionally is part of what is shared, as well as proper sleeping habits. More on that later.

PPS.  I have more cash.  When you quit grabbing quick breakfasts, lunches or dinners at fastfoods, and instead plan meals, it is wonderful how much money you save.  Makes the CrossFit membership a cost-savings plan.

PPPS.  I have been so impressed by family and friends who have found ways to be healthy:    yoga, swimming, running or biking; team sports or individual, the Y or working out at home.   I am thankful that I have found something that seems to be working for me.   Please understand that your stories of success are what encourages me to keep on.  I’m hoping that a year from now this blog will be encouragement for someone else. In the meantime, it helps me keep on keeping on.

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7 Responses to News: CrossFit helps with finding Tupperware lids!

  1. OKfriend says:

    It is encouraging now! Keep up the good work! Your grandkids will thank you! (and yes I know you don’t have any yet)

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