CrossFit Box jumping of a different kind

I have two sessions left in my 2nd Introduction to CrossFit at CrossFit Brantford (yes, yes, I repeated )

After that, my travel schedule goes crazy for a month.

  •  Leave for Milwaukee  for Sunday to Thursday
  • Come home for two days
  • Leave for NYC for Saturday to Thursday
  • Come home for five days for Friday to Tuesday
  • Leave for London, ON for Wednesday to Sunday
  • Come home for 7 days
  • Leave for Milwaukee for Sunday to Friday

It will be interesting to see how I can keep up this CrossFit pattern that I am trying to build.

Plans that I am considering so far.

  1. For Milwaukee, I have bought a 10pack at CreamCity CrossFit. Went there in Jan.
  2. For NYC, I am travelling with my oldest son, G, who is a CrossFitter and so we are going to visit two CrossFit boxes near our hotel:  Good way to start the day.  CrossFit NYC: The Black Box and Reebok CrossFit 5th Avenue
  3. In London, it looks like CrossFit London allows drop ins while you are in town
  4. At home, I can continue to go to CrossFit Brantford and move into the 6am WOD and get a 10pack, until my schedule is more stable, as i think I may be ready to leave the intro….will need to keep scaling, but I do that at the other boxes anyhow.

What do you think?

Is it better to keep going even if you are going to different boxes or to try to get the same amount of intense activity on my own?

Do you think people mind you popping in, as long as you are respectful of course? According to the websites it seems they don’t, and have a charge for drop’ins of $20 to $50 per session.

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