Getting the lingo right

A tough parts for me is remembering all the lingo for all the lifts, and how to read the board with all the acronyms written on it.

HPC (hang power clean), clean, jerk, Press, push jerk, push press, ohs (overhead squat), the list goes on…

This site is a great reference for the terms; however, I know that I have to memorize them as I’m not going to pop the site open each time I go to the box.  I can picture it now:  pinga whips out her trusted Z10 to look up the next activity and catching a few breaths — NOT!

If it only were the terms used, though.  Try to remember how to hold your hands, where to hold the bar, how to move, when to press, etc, well, and my mind starts to numb.

One memory aid is to know why you are doing certain things…ie the push is to get that added momentum, the squat movement under the bar is to allow your body to help lift the bar (as compared to your poor arms doing all the work).  (or at least this is my current understanding — I look forward to learning more)

If nothing else, my struggle with the terms gives amusement to those around, and I am not the only one who is pondering the terms. My trusty CrossFit bud, “B” laughs along with me.  The good news is we support each other as we get there.

One of the things that I like about CrossFit is that it is physically and mentally challenging, and the coaches are  always supportive.  As I struggled to get the mbc (medicine ball clean) movements right, Coach Shawn moved me to the wall to practice it so I couldn’t move the ball but had to drop it. A good strategy.

Saturday’s work out was

  • WarmUp: 2x 10ohs, 10 front squats, 10 bird dogs, scorpion
  •  skill: mbc, clean, push jerk
  •  wod: 15 hpc, 100 skips, 15 cleans, 100 skips, 15 push jerk (training bar (15 lb))

Amazingly, after a few rough weeks at skipping, I was able to skip 50x in a row for that first set..then just a few more rounds to get to a 100.  The second round was not as good, but still made it to the 100

I was sweating before we started this one.  Not sure if it is the antibiotics that are impacting me or not, but regardless, the changes are tremendous.  Last time, I remember being dead and only have done 50.  What a difference a month makes.

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