Tired Muscles Feel GOOD!

Sitting here, typing away, and realizing that my shoulders are tired and so is my neck/back.  It feels good.

It is a sign of working, of stretching of pushing limits.

Last time around, I described tonight’s session as “we learned a lot and it was fun”.  The 5th session of Intro focuses on back squats, front squats and overhead squats (OHS).  During the first intro, we used PVC pipe and tried the 15lb training bar

This time through our intro class is being allowed to do weights.  For the first part of the WOD, we were doing 20 back squats with a max lift allowed of 65 pounds.

  •  I did 5 with 35 pounds, and it felt like nothing
  • moved to 55 pounds, and did 15 with no issue
  • moved to 65 pounds, and the 5 were again not a challenge.

I am really curious what I can lift, or what I will be able to do with a bit of work.  I repeat, lifting is fun.

The WOD was a TABATA 6rounds

  • front squats (PVC)
  • pushups
  • ohs (pvc)

My counts were 7, 7 , then was messing with glasses, and wasn’t thinking and only got 1 in the first round of ohs, so, though i did 4 or 5 for each one after, i only got a 1.  dang. So total score, 15.

For those who dont’ know what TABATA is (and I am fine with being corrected), the concept is you work hard for 20sec, then rest for 10sec.

What we did was the following

  • 20sec – as many as you can do back squat, 10 sec rest
  • 20sec — as many as you can do backsquat, 10sec rest
  • etc….do 6x
  • then 20sec as many pushups you can do, 10sec rest
  • 20sec pushup, 10sec rest
  • etc do 6x
  • then 20sec as many ohs you can do, 10sec rest
  • etc do 6x

Your score is the least amount of an item you do in a round, so picture, you do 10, 7, 7, 7,2 — your score would be 2.

It definitely is one where you are thinking, planning, considering your reserves and planning your approach.  I did a lot better this time, but, was silly re the first round of OHS, and so only got a score of 1 for that group.  (I was messing with my glasses — really just being thick)

This WOD was of course after our warmup  and skills training.  Warmup was:

  • 2x through of the following
  • 10x squats
  • 10x ring dips (use a pvc pipe & lift self from floor instead)
  • 10x kettle bell swings (i did 12kg)
  • 10x box jumps
  • samson stretches (25 sec / side)
  • arm stretches (25 sec / side)

Feels good to be tired.

Feels right.

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