Argh… rings & boxjumps

Oh, things like situps, pushups are coming along, and weights are fun, but, some stuff is just not appearing to shift.  They remind me how far that I have to go.

The first point of frustration is ring-ups, pull-ups, anything which requires my arms to lift body weight off the floor.  There just doesn’t seem to be any hope in this area.  Attempts are made, but, I can’t lift myself enough to even consider to using a band to help.  I use a u-shaped bar on the floor and push my weight up to try & build triceps, but seem to be uncoordinated at the movement.  I have been able to mock up a similair move at home with a footstool.

The second one is box jumps.  When I first jumped, I could do 4″ jump.  now, you have to know that 20″ is the standard for women.  I practice jumping at home, but not seeing much progression here.

My theory for the ringups is that to lift 255 pounds is too much for my arms.  I am hoping that as I build them, and I lose weight, I will find the spot that I can lift myself.  Just thinking that it may be a long time before I can get to that happy point.


For boxjumps, I think the same thing is occurring, that the weight is just too much to push up and overcome gravity.  I am hoping that the improvements that I am seeing in my stair climbing (trying to run up them, or high knee walk), and in skipping will help.  My sense is that because  my legs have to move this weight around, the calves have become strong  so, losing weight will help.

If anyone has been there or has suggestions, would love to hear them.  I would like to get up on those rings.

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5 Responses to Argh… rings & boxjumps

  1. OKfriend says:

    I think you are right Jayne. It may not be until your weight dips below the 200 lb mark that these things happen And that’s OK.
    Skipping, stairs and push ups will help.
    Keep up all the good consistent work and progress will continue.

  2. Jason says:

    I’ve been doing inverted body weight rows, since I can do them with the stepper that I’ve got. Careful with table selection, you don’t want it falling on you! Remember though, physics is your friend, keep the center of mass between the table’s legs and you’ll be sweet.

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