Getting there…

A month ago, I could barely do a situp.,  Today, I was able to do amsu’s with a recognition that there were muscles that I could use to help me do them.

A month ago, the idea of doing a pushup was barely getting my gut off the floor.  Today, I am ready to practice doing a proper one.

What a difference a month makes.

The workout for today also allowed us to lift,and I lifted 45 pounds in a strict press.  Actually, I did 45 pounds multiple times, but after first round, stepped down to 35 pounds going for form…coz my form would have fallen apart had I stayed with 45 pounds.

The warmup was:

  • 10 squats
  • 10 deadlifts
  • 10 amsu
  • 10 sdlhp
  • 10 pushups
  • elbow to instep 25sec
  • iron cross 25sec

skills :  strict press and push press


  • 3 rounds for time
  •   10 strict press
  •   10 amsu
  •   10 push press
  •    10 squats

It felt good to be able to finish it.  It wasn’t “prescribed”, shucks, I know that even in intro I can’t do everything full out, but, I was able to do everything, and my form for amsu & squats was good, and my lifts were a reasonable weight.

That felt amazing.

My life is still being transformed, or I should say, i am being empowered (though I hate that word) to take back my life.  From being able to run up a flight of stairs, to sleeping better, to carrying a load of laundry down a flight a stairs with ease, things are just easier.

It’s a gift and an opportunity which I’m thankful for..

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