First deadlift with weight

During the 2nd night of intro, we were allowed to lift with weights after learning the moves with PVC.


I went for the 35lb bar which is thinner and therefore easier for a smaller hand to grab.  I  had no problem lifting the bar on it’s own, but,. I wasn’t sure about the weights. Coach J looked at me with a smile & said go for it.  So, we put 2×10 on, and I lifted without issue, so, added 2×5 more to get me to 65lb.  

Guess what, it was easy!  It actually helped keep the form, as now there was some weight on the bar.  I also tried a couple of sdlhp (sumo deadlift high pull) with the 65lb..  The lift was fine, but, felt it just below my neck in my upper chest, so definitely need to work on that…


Tonight’s session included   

Warmup 2x 

  • 10 squats
  • 10 passthru (PVC)
  • 10 pushups
  • 30 skips
  • 10 AMSU
  • Samson stretch (25sec)
  • Elbow to instep (25sec)
  • Behind the knee (25sec)

Skills: DL & SDLHP, to a max lift of 65 pounds 

WOD: 3 rounds of

  • 25 skips
  • 10 DL

So, the neat thing is that last time we only used PVC.  Though I didn’t blog it, I remember thinking that my legs would die practicing due to squats.

Tonight was fun.  Yes, I was last to get the warmup done, and yes, I was last to get the WOD done…but…I finished them. My elbow didn’t get anywhere near my ankle..but, i was able to hold my body up (kinda)

The warmup was not RX, as my pushups are still from the knee, and I am not sure if I always get my squats low enough, but, the WOD was per script, so yeah!  My skipping is sucking. Max I can seem to get in a row is 20 right now…but that is such a change from before.  


I got my first stitch in my side doing this WOD, which was interesting…and I felt great afterwards .


Always good to have the comraderie of the fellow participants, helping each other out, cleaning up the space, wiping down gear, encouraging each other.


oh, and lol, due to a forgotten form, we all had to do 15 burpees.  Now, i still can’t do a burpee, but, heh, my getting up & off the floor is getting better!


oh, and yes, people do look at me odd for walking in in shorts and a t-shirt, no jacket, on the way home, but, dang….you’re warm when you get out of CrossFit.


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