Dreams are Scalable

What are your dreams when you go to a CrossFit? That you will get the best time? That you will lift more today or  maybe beat your best time?

Tonight was my first night of  my second round of  Introduction to CrossFit.  Some might ask, why on earth are you taking it twice, but when your first time through your focus is on being able to breathe…and trying to figure out the best way to get up off the floor, well, taking a 2nd crack at it seemed to make good sense.

What a difference a month makes!

Having never worked out before, on my first night last month I ate spaghetti prior to the session and part way through spent most of the time trying to figure out how to count and NOT vomit.

Today,  I planned my food for lunch to have a good nutritious meal, was home by 6pm and had a light snack.  I’m learning to hydrate as I think I get to the box dehydrated (actually, think I probably live my life dehydrated).

Last month I wanted to get there early so no one saw me trying to put on my runners. Now, I can put on shoes, socks without concern.  I am down at least 15 pounds and I know my body is stronger.

On the way last month, had it not been for my son G’s text of encouragement, my self-doubt might have overtaken my fear of a morbidly obese life and had me not go – it was close. Tonight, I was excited to keep the momentum going, looking forward to seeing if I could do  better! To see if I can do today’s intro without scaling, lol,  or vomiting.

Upon arrival, the extrovert part was no different,  all the participant’s nervous energy had us introducing and welcoming each other. It was good to see my cohort from last month, “B” back.  We can do this together!

It helped to know  the process, the warmup, skills, wod for the intro.  (wod = work out of the day).

Last time, I thought I would die doing the warmup.  My self-doubt was insane.  This time, I knew that I could do it, I was convinced and though out of breath, was able to keep up and even tried a few of a “closer to standard” pushup in the skills development section.

The wod was 50 skips..then 15-12-9 squats, push-ups, situps then 50skips.

You may have read in last month’s post, that I thought I would vomit and scaled significantly. By the end, all that made me through was the coaches voice encouraging me, “just one more”

This time, woot!  I made it through and the only scale was doing pushups from my knees. My skipping was rough compared to a previous session, but still did 25 in a row, then, kept restarting until I hit 50.   I was still last or near to last after all,  I am still obese and have a long way to go.

There are some fit folks at this Intro.  The one coach mentioned how people aim to have the best time of the day in the WOD.

I have no dreams of finishing a WOD with best time.

My dreams are of finishing a WOD,  without scaling.

I dream of being able to do a proper pushup (or maybe 5 in a row)

Being able to pull myself up on the bars would be amazing.

Dreams are scalable.

You know what, with the huge difference from last time, these are even achievable.

To cap it off, when I got home, I was able to know what to eat and had lots of vegetables in the fridge to make a quick stir fry.  Yum.   Loving the hungry feeling and knowing what to make to curb it.

Thanks CrossFit!

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5 Responses to Dreams are Scalable

  1. Barbara says:

    Love this …….so so true…..can you imagine a year from now !

  2. I can’t believe it has been a month already! Good job! KB

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