The Dreaded Airplane Seatbelt

Airplane seatbelts are evil.

Airplanes are evil.

Air Canada Jazz’s  CRJ100/200ER (CRJ) is especially evil.

With a seat width of 17″ (43.2cm) , it is tight for any medium sized person.

If you are obese, you know the seating space will be tight.  Roadwarriors look at you with dread thinking “please don’t let me lose the seat bingo game, please walk on by”.  If the person seated is also obese, you both have that look…coz there is nothing worse than two obese trying to squeeze side by side into those planes seats.

Seatbelts are especially evil. They supply the “you can’t fool yourself anymore, in your face — you are obese” moment as they have a clear limit.  Seat belt extenders are available but you don’t want to be the one that uses it.  It’s also a bingo.  Different airlines, different seatbelt lengths.

For the last year, I have wondered is this the trip that I will have to ask for an extension. In order to avoid it, the make it work method has to be used:   pull the seatbelt as far as it can go…..shove your back way into the seat, suck the gut in and go under the belly and hope like hell it can reach to click.  It is a mental thing to have to ask for an extension….no one wants to be that person.

So, Sunday, on the way to Milwaukee, I got in, pulled to the end, went to do the suck-it-in move, and wowzer, the belt just clicked.  No pulling, no stressing.  I was like “woot!”.  When the plane landed, I noticed i moved forward in my seat implying that my seatbelt was too loose.  Wait, I could have tightened it?

So, on the way home last night, I did the usual extension, sat normal, clicked the seatbelt and tightened it!  There was a good two inches of tail for the seatbelt.    Small miracles.

Though, it wasn’t a miracle.  It was due to the good work accomplishes with the help of othersImage.  So, thanks CrossFit Brantford, Cream City CrossFit and Paleo.

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