Finding the Rhythm, Maintaining Intensity

I am such a klutz.  Yes, my family will agree with that.

  • I’ve slipped on water from the dog’s dish, taken a header and ended up at the hospital for stitches and a concussion — all on linoleum floor in the kitchen.
  • I’ve carved my thumb on Christmas Day
  • I’ve had my feet go out from under myself at work and done a header into a shop office.

So, learning the form for a squat snatch or a clean and jerk has been a challenge.

Shawn at CrossFit Brantford and Howy at Cream City CrossFit have shown unbelievable patience in teaching me the moves, coming up with creative ways to get through a road block or get a concept across.

Spent the 20min of the strength process learning more about lifts.  It is hard to receive such support and attention, as it feels that I am taking toomuch time, but then I realize, between the one-on-one with me, there is constant checking in with others, as well as other trainers in the space, plus with everyone encouraging everyone, it is brilliant.

I have had people say to me CrossFit is just too expensive.  Having experienced the Y, and then CrossFit, I can say the level of support is outstanding, and well, you just can’t compare.

Thursday was again an early start, at CrossFit by 5:15am.  Warmup, then strength, then, WOD.

I am becoming more aware of the importance of owning my own scaling, and naming it in advance.  I cannot yet keep up with program and if I try, then I don’t get the cardio/wobbly feeling that is so amazing. By reducing the repeat in an appropriate manner, I can get the intensity that I need at this time.  Loving figuring this stuff out and trying and getting there.

I didn’t hit it on Thursday. I didn’t push myself as hard as I should have, in part, as the first part was too much (40 situps), so….I lost my momentum. It was a mental thing. It’s no different from project work, you need to have wins and pushes, but if the goal is beyond possibility, the point you reach is often less than it would have been if it was a stretch.

As I did 20 situps in a row, I realized how far I have come since a month ago…but where I am is not good enough.

So, I own that. Tuesday will be pushing and challenging and driving for goals.

 I don’t believe you have to be better than everybody else. I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be.   Ken Venturi

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