Woot — Lifting is fun!

Thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to Cream City CrossFit in Milwaukee.

I must say their trainer’s were great, welcoming, encouraging, giving voice when needed and instruction in an encouraging way.  Great to be there.

So here’s my exciting news.

I lifted 85 pounds in a “seated pin press”. Per the owner, “a seated pin press has the bar set on the “pins” and is pressed from there. This is done so that we can work weak areas of the pressing movement, thus making the whole movement stronger.”

This was my first lift ever, so, I was happy with my results. I had started with the 15lb training bar, moved to 35, then 45, then started adding weights, and added relatively quickly.

The lift that I failed on was 95 pounds.  It would have been interesting to have tried 90 lbs…as it may have been my ‘push’.

The trainers graciously said my form was good, which if it was, was due to the excellent work of the trainers at CrossFit Brantford and their patience in teaching me.

Woot, woot.  I was excited, as the other (non-trainer) woman lifting maxed out at 85 pounds as well, so I was doing ok for a first-timer.

The WOD was something that I wasn’t sure about, but, I think I understood it right.

  • 12 minutes of the following
  • 3 repeats of 60sec each of air squats, pull ups, air squats, push ups.
  • If you got 60 air squats in 60 sec, then you got to rest in the following cycle, what you didn’t do in the first you had to in the 2nd, so…if you did 57 squats, you did 3 pullups.

I only did 30 (not 60) and I did ring pulls, not pull ups…but I was wiped and my butt cheeks are feeling it tonight.  I must admit thinking, dang…if I don’t get this going I am going to have to do a bunch of pushups, and trying to figure out which pain would be best….(This is part of the mental part that I referred to).

I also realized my form was getting bad in the last round of air squats and so, if I kept it up I would pay for it with back, so focussed back on form and realized i would need to do more pullups/pushups, etc.

I wasn’t so good on the warmup as it wasn’t clear to me what we were to be doing or if everyone figured it out themselve,s but, you know what…it was still great to be there.

What a wonderful bunch of folks.

oh, and there was an unexpected visit by a firetruck and firefighters due to an alarm going off somewhere in the building.

Then there was the bizarre walk into RA to find the showers, but, I made it, and am feeling good about starting the day off well.

Who knew that I, the person who would gladly sleep until noon, could get up at 4:15am to get to a workout for 5:30am, and have a blast.

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