The Art of Travel

Many years ago, an experienced business person on our team told me the secret to eating out was to only order an appetizer for your entree.  Wish I had remembered that in the years that followed.  Being a roadwarrior was tough on my weight, long hours, sitting, eating out, all stacked.

So, as part of the change of plan this year, I have taken on the eating aspect by ensuring a healthy breakfast at the hotel by staying at Hyatt Place — they have a wonderful breakfast bar which can easily meet Paleo plan.

For lunch, work has a fabulous salad bar, so by sticking to it, and getting lots of vegetables and protein, Paleo can also be met as well as keeping energy going for the day.

Dinner is a challenge; however, by speaking to the hotel, I have found that they are happy to adapt, and when they can’t, a quick trip to the grocery store makes life easy.

Keeping up the healthy workouts was another challenge, but, lo & behold, Cream City CrossFit is close the office on the way from the hotel, and has said “no problem — come when you are in town”.

So, tomorrow morning the alarm is set for 4:15am, the hotel’s front desk has said they will have  a nice light breakfast ready for me at 4:45, and, I am booked into a 5:30am session .  Looking forward to it.  Will leave there and head into the office, thankfully there are showers available and breakfast in the company cafeteria.

Being on the road is do-able, just takes planning.

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