The Unexpected Path

Being obese is not a destination that I ever expected, or even a stop along the journey.

Things happen

5 pounds a year is not much.  over 20 years, that is  100  pounds of weight gain. Imagine if it was 10pounds, due to any of the follwing

  • Injury:  A body that was previously active goes to inactivity and pounds stack
  • Stress:  a body that was reasonably active goes to working 12 or more hour days
  • Longer: Work hrs: grabbing quick energy items or crap food from drive throughs
  • Finances: instead of buying quality food eat more starches tofill up
  • Cooking style: a shift in who is cooking and/or a change to prepackaged, processed food
  • Health items unnoticed — thyroid, metabolism, menopause, children, depressions

I say those things, as I was thin, thin until my teens, then got thinner due to an illness …but

  • after that went to university — life changed, put on weight
  • joined weight watchers, lost weight…
  • got married, had kids, lost babies, dealt with stuff, put on weight…
  • joined weight watchers, lost some weight
  • started travelling week after week, eating at restaurants, working long hours for months on end, put on weight
  • got busy, menopause,  had some health issues, time passed, and it kept packing on
  • and weight watchers didn’t fit…needed something else. point is…like me, each person that is overweight likely has many factors impacting how they got there, nor was it somewhere they expected to be or probably even want to be.

It is unfair to judge or presume that they are idiots and don’t know they are obese.

Like finding yourself down the wrong path after a long miles of travelling, it is hard to face backtracking, and unless you have good instructions you are likely going to end up exactly where you were, or even worse off.  Who hasn’t heard of someone going off a path and becoming lost in the wilds.

Walking into a gym or trying a program is terribly scary when you struggle with just putting your socks on in the morning, so attempts are often done on one’s own.

If fitness was never part of your regime, then the basics of how to stay healthy when being active is just not there, so their tentative steps result in damaged joints, sore backs, making it worse.

I’m discovering that CrossFit has tons of tools to help find the way to a healthy path.

  • has instructional material, videos, testimonies
  • the intros are designed to teach the basic techniques
  • the basic equipment and skills are things you can readily duplicate at home
  • the coaches are there to help you and have skills to help adapt everything

So, I’m thinking this obesity thing is a place that I stayed at too long, kinda like a scuzzy hotel whose service kept going downhill.  CrossFit is the new travel guide, taking me to a new place (I know…pretty cheezy analogy).

I’m willing to give it a go, coz this place sucks.

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3 Responses to The Unexpected Path

  1. I really like this one. The trip to obesity is a gradual one. So too is the trip to other places that can be self-destructive or material for others to judge and dismiss.

    • pingadohtor says:

      Thanks KB. Knowing your profession, your approval means a lot. I hope that by sharing it may open the eyes up for people for the obese person they see at their gym or box, in addition to giving me the record of change that I need.

      • As I mentioned on FB, it is very similar story to those who end up in addictions messes. It is way too easy to judge, isn’t it. Better to understand, and this hopefully will help others understand.

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