Belts and Drawstrings

When you are large, especially if it is in your gut, the pants are basically held up by your belly. Who has loose clothes?  A belt? who needs one.  Drawstrings – they are just for letting out.

My clothes had been getting tight before Christmas. I was aware that I was soon going to be going up another size, unbelievable though it seemed.

So, I was surprised the other day when going up stairs to realize, I was losing my pyjama drawers.  Yes! I need a drawstring.

Then, I put my jeans on, which were nearly impossible to do up before Christmas, and they slipped on.  Thinking in another month, a belt will be necessary.

So, what is changing? Have I lost a gazillion pounds? no…but I know that I have lost 8pounds in three weeks, but more importantly, I am getting stronger, tighter, healthier.  Now, before you go, whoa, take a picture….I’m still really obese.  It is a long road before you’re going to notice or I can shop in a regular store.

But my goals of walking with G in NYC in March and climbing a small hill in April seems likely.

Today was my last session of the Introduction, which is hard to believe.

It ended with us doing a warmup that was crazy compared to what we did the first week, and nothing compared to what many do, and a WOD which had me shaking at the end.

Warmup: 2x  10wallballs (used 10lb), 10pullups (used rings), 10AMSU,  25skips, 10 deadlifts, Hamstring stretch, Iron Cross (or something close to that, will check notes later)

WOD — 3x  10 PowerSnatch , 50 skips.   (hah, at first, i thought we were doing it 9x…that made me laugh and say “i think i will need to scale”).  Powersnatch done with training bar, 15lbs.

During the warmup, I didn’t skip anything and I did take longer, but, I finished it.  I pushed myself, it was good.

Doing that last round of the WOD, I was dying. I was dead.  I was damned sure I was going to get through it.  I was mad.  I had people saying “you can do it”. “c’mon. beast”

I did it.  I couldn’t breath, but I did it.

The last skips, I had got to 46.  It took another try, but I did another 6 …coz I wanted to be absolutely positive that I did it.

It felt wonderful.

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