OMG – I Ran Upstairs

Now, for those of you who have never been obese, you have to imagine what stairs are like for someone who is large.

  1. You lose your balance, you are not recovering
  2. Seeing your feet is not an option unless you are leaning forward
  3. Your calves are big and hit the stairs
  4. Your balance is not great at the best of times
  5. Odds are you take the stairs in a sideways manner going down.
  6. You may take them a step at a time
  7. You are likely out of breath at the top
  8. You may have bad knees and so are taking them one step at a time going up, ie move one foot to a step, then the other to the same step
  9. Handrails are a requirement or holding to something

So, now, after two weeks at CrossFit, I ran up the stairs and didn’t realize what I had done until I had grabbed what I wanted and went, whoa…I just ran up the stairs…I JUST RAN UP THE STAIRS.

It is a huge deal.

The next morning, I thought, I bet that I can apply balance to walking down stairs.  So, I focussed on my core, tightened muscles and fixed my alignment, and walked down the stairs — Voila!  I looked like a normal human being (well almost)

At class, I happily shared with  folks my amazing new capability.  lol – not everyone got it.

“There is no circumstance of disability, gender, age, stature, weight, or fitness level that reduces the need, safety, or effectiveness of functional movement.”

CrossFit is based on functional movement

Functional Movement

I am thrilled that I am seeing it in the simple things.  I can put on my socks and shoes without being out of breath or struggling to figure out a way to reach my foot.

I can get off the floor without requiring something to prop myself

I can get off the couch without having to use the back as a brace

I CAN RUN up the stairs.

Today’s class was

  • two rounds of warmups:  10 squats, 10 pass-thrus, 10 thrusters, 5 burpees, 25skips, two different stretches.
  • Then did learning of the wall ball & pullups
  • Then did the WOD:  4 repeats of 5 pullups, 10 wallballs, 25 skips.  i modify the pullups to using rings but my feet on the floor, and wallballs to use a light weight.

PS.  To top the day off, a co-worker said, wow, you are losing weight, your top is loose. (it is).  My pants that were getting tight are now loose in areas, as well.

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