Changes and Learning About Reserves

After 2 weeks, I can get up off the floor easier, climb the stairs easier, sleep better, clothes are a wee bit loose, and I feel better.

I can do workouts that include 10 pushups, or 50 skips without dying…now, I am not keeping up, it is scaled but, I can do something…and that something is more than I could do three weeks ago

That is amazing.


CrossFit: A  regimen of constantly varied (CV)functional movements (FM) performed at high intensity (@HI) in a communal environment leads to health and fitness.

Why I think it is for me is that it is constantly shifting….

It makes my brain work, it doesn’t allow me to out-think it…I am always adjusting, trying, learning.  It is a personal challenge.  I can do one more, I can do 10 more. I can squat lower. I can jump higher.

It is team based….the group cheers people on..celebrating their accomplishments, encouraging them to stretch, they can do it,

It is ever shifting.  The workout I did yesterday is different than the one tomorrow or the next day.

It works on the core of my being, affecting my basic moves in life.

The one challenge that I have had is how to pace myself.  Sometimes, go too hard, and can barely make it to the end…other times, go too soft to pace and have energy left (OK, that happened once!).  What did happen though is in an item where you score yourself based on the least you do in each round…I was wiped at the start of one round, and missed doing any of the first item.  This meant, that I got a zero — dang.  If I had not gone so hard in the previous item, my score would have been better.  So, the mental bit comes in….what speed can I do this item, will I have enough to do the next bit.  What is the goal for this WOD becomes key..

The more frequent challenge is how to scale.  If I scale back too much then, I don’t get that wobbly feeling at the end.  If I don’t scale, then I am there keeping the coaches.

So, I have been reading up on intensity on the crossfit site.  Seems this is not an unusual thing to figure out.

Technique versus Intensity

Glad to read and hear that this learning about self is normal

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