Three Cheers for Improved Eating Habits

End of week 2

I went to the roadside market again this morning, and to Witteveen meat shop.  It was great to get lots of veggies that there was a high probability would be eaten.  Funny looks received by folks though for being in my shorts on such a cold January day.

I am soo warm after a workout.  I don’t know what I will do in August, I guess — sweat more.

Baked some sweet potatoes today, and made some applesauce, and threw it all together to have for lunches through the week.  It is so delicious.  Funny, K & M turn up their noses at it.

Did I tell you about the bacon wrapped chicken breasts, covered with grated apples and bbq sauce that I did in the crockpot.  They were sooo good, though, I think that with a lighter bbq sauce and chicken thighs they would have been even better.

Also made some egg muffins.   Baked some turkey sausage (took skin off), chopped up some red peppers, green peppers & green onions, then mixed it with eggs.  Put the eggs over pieces of sausage in muffin tins and baked them.  Yummy, but what a mess of the pan.  Need to find a better way. Thinking of making just like a quiche next time, and then just cutting up.

I cannot believe how much better I feel after only two short weeks.

I am amazed that my back hasn’t been hurt and my knee is so much better.   (knock on wood)

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